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Sentul Park, Malaysia's first-ever private gated park.
The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre at Sentul Park.
The Maple, Kuala Lumpur's only residence with a private gated park.
d7 at Sentul East. Cutting-edge offices designed with an ingenious flexibility.
The Capers, Kuala Lumpur's most uniquely designed residence.
The Fennel, sculpting another new landmark in KL'S skyline.
Year: Ongoing
Location: Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Status: In Progress

A tale of a railway and also a real way, YTL Land’s Sentul Masterplan is the coming-together of all the elements connected to a much-needed green lung for thriving Kuala Lumpur. Ever since it was founded in the 1800s and became the nucleus for the city’s railway society, Sentul has undergone much change; slowly slipping into decline in the 1960s before metamorphosing into a reinvigorated neighbourhood in the heart of town. Embodying the spirit of urban renewal, while preserving the heritage and charm of the area, YTL Land’s Sentul Masterplan is founded on intelligent solutions that would enable this unique part of Kuala Lumpur to retain its spirit, soul and vibrancy. Enveloping downtown culture and heritage within an expansive private gated park, YTL Land’s vision of Sentul is also artfully divided into two distinct halves: Sentul East and Sentul West.

With the existing Sentul KTM Komuter station and its tracks being the catalyst for the Sentul Masterplan, the area is effectively split in half, allowing Sentul East and Sentul West the opportunity to develop and celebrate their distinct personalities, all the while with inspired living and urban renewal remaining at the core of its heart.

Urban citizens are offered two unique ways of living, with Sentul East embodying the art of modern downtown dwelling while Sentul West embraces the outdoors, with an abundance of greenery and tranquil, meditative lakes. Be it East or West, you’ll agree that home is best in Sentul.

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